Gorgeous Pastel Nail Art to Try

Gorgeous Pastel Nail Art to Try Out (14)

Spring is almost here, so we are ready for new, fun nail designs. According to celebrity nail artists this year gorgeous pastel shades will be trending. If you are tired of all the dull, dark colors that are usually popular in winter, you will be more than glad to embrace this trend. You can play with only one color, or go bold and include several in one manicure. Glitter is, of course, another way to get innovative and playful. Holographic and metallic details will also elevate a pastel manicure. Short or long nails, it doesn’t matter – this trend is for everyone.

Flip through the pictures below to get your daily nail inspiration. If you are in love with pastel shades just as much as we are, you won’t be able to pin only one mani.

Gorgeous Pastel Nail Art to Try Out blue nails pink line

Photo Credit: @paintboxnails/Instagram

Negative space, pastel colors, and a single line – the three biggest nail trends combined in one manicure.

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