Elegant Party Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hairstyles are luxury that not everyone can afford having. In fact, the range of the hairstyles that can be created with short hair are suitable not for every face shape and complexion, but still, if you have the courage to go for short hair and if you are lucky enough to have it perfectly matching your face, then there is the main myth about short hair that you need to break. The main essence of that myth is that there exist a very limited number of ‘dos that you can go for when having short hair. In fact, there are a huge number of short hairstyles for women meant for a diversity of occasions and combinations and what you need to do is just have an overall insight into what you can do with your short hair for maximum effect. Thus, we are going to concentrate on the most elegant party hairstyles for short hair that you can try out.

One general advantage of short hair is that it enables you using a wide range of bejeweled accessories accompanied with jewelry like earrings and necklaces for the totally bedazzling glam.

Elegant Party Hairstyles for Short Hair

The Main Types of Textures and ‘Dos for Short Hair

Depending on the occasion you can figure out the basic direction of the hairstyle. Thus if you are planning an evening out to a restaurant or a birthday party or something important, you can definitely go for the choppy hairdos. Still if the occasion requires a more formal and classic variant with an evening dress you can try out the straight or slightly voluminous types.

In any case you should not deviate from the options you feel maximum comfortable with. You need to find the most efficient compromise between the comfort and the good looks.

In order to create some romantic images you can make use of different decorative elements like ribbons, artificial flowers, hair accessories, etc. If you have picked a straight ‘do, the best option for you is adorning it with flowers fastened with small pins or just using barrettes. In addition, the flowers can be both natural and artificial. In addition, in order to have maximum effective and striking results you can use accessories like kanzashi, which already have some fastening and fixing details on them.

Party Short Hairstyles for women
If you want to create thick and voluminous hairdos, you can use special hairstyling products. There exist a huge number of voluminous short hairstyles you can use as the choice range. Thus, this range may include options of the ‘50s inspired looks, in case of which you should create a voluminous part, combined with straight delicately styled bangs, also having the borderline of the bangs and the rest of the ‘do covered with a headband.

As for the choppy ‘dos, before opting for them you need to make sure that the occasion allows this kind of choice also taking into account that this type of hairstyle is the most revolting and bold option for short hair. On the other hand, they are an ideal way of making a statement about your personality, emphasizing your creativity and charisma. In order to create such a hairstyle, you first of all need to emphasize the hair ends, focusing on the aim of creating an overall effortless impression.

Party Short Hairstyles for women

Beautiful Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here is a way according to which you can create a great option for short hair.

• Great alternatives enabling you to experiment with short hair are the bob or the pixie styles.

• In order to create an impressive ‘do with a bob, you need to wash your hair and apply an additional hair care product like a lotion or a mask, especially if you have weak and thin hair.

• Further you need to use a hair styling product to secure the fixation. The hair on the nape should be rolled with big rollers, while the bangs should be straightened and curled down.

• The final stage of the preparation is the loosening of the rollers and giving the curls the forms you like. For a better fixation you should also use a hair spray.

Party Short Hairstyles for women
For inspiration you can also look through the short hairstyles of the celebrities, since there are very many of them who have pixies and bobs, and for every other red carpet occasion you can see a wide range of different and cool alternatives to choose from. Despite the fact that some of those ‘dos may seem more complicated and sophisticated in some cases, they are much easier to style in reality.

The basic advantage of the short hairstyles is the duality of their character. On the one hand they can be treated as accompaniments to casual looks, while on the other hand they can also make a great variant for your evening and party looks.

Thus, for instance, if you wash your hair and dry it from the bottom to the top with brushing motions, while also down curling the hair you can make a great type of short hairstyle for everyday looks. For another alternative of casual or office looks you can also try to go for straight bangs matching this with a parting of any type. If you need some ‘dos for chic evening looks you can use a styling wax or gel to fix the ‘dos and gift the hair with a specific texture to also make it more festive.

Party Short Hairstyles for women

Party Short Hairstyles for women

Festive ‘Dos for Short Hair

Finally, if you have a special occasion or a festival ahead and want to have some impressive ‘dos with your short hair to stun everyone, you can again choose from a variety of alternatives.

First of all you can style your hair with some accessories, for instance, using headbands. If this is what you’ve picked, you should give your preference to alternatives with big teeth for better fixation and long-lasting ‘dos.

After washing the hair you need to apply some hair styling products like mousse, foam, or gel. After lavishly applying any of these products, you also need to separate a quarter of your hair and pull it forwards by means of brushing. Eventually, you’ll need to tease the hair back and fix it with a headband for volume.

Party Short Hairstyles for women

Party Short Hairstyles for women

So here were some basic party short hairstyles you can go for if you have short hair, and what you always need to bear in mind is that the primary condition for success is the exact pick of the look for an exact occasion in order to have maximum effective results!

Party Short Hairstyles for women

Party Short Hairstyles for women

Photos courtesy of Angelo Seminara

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