20 Pairs of Summer 2016 Denim Shorts To Live In

Denim shorts are just something you can always throw on. They make for the best go-to pieces in the summertime, and even in that one category there is so much versatility. In some cases they are their own garment, and in others they take form of cutoff jeans. In summer 2016, jean shorts will still be playing a major role in fashion culture, so you can’t miss out on filling your wardrobe with some essential pieces. In this list, we give you 20 sweet and sassy summer 2016 denim shorts that you are sure to fall in love with, regardless of their style.

20 Pairs of Summer 2016 Denim Shorts To Live In

1. High Waist Cutoff Jean Shorts

These denim shorts from REVOLVE are a classic silhouette; high waist denim has been around for a long time, and the cutoff on these shorts keeps the legs loose, just as though a pair of loose denim jeans had been cut off and turned into raw-hemmed shorts. Such is their intent, and it really brings back fond memories of decades past in the process.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

2. Cutoff Side Slit Denim Shorts

From ASOS come these simple jean shorts for summer 2016, with a high waist, raw cutoff hem, and made even looser by the slit down each side. This styling brings it forward into a more modern look than what would otherwise be construed from these “mom jeans”-styled pants. It bridges the gap between style ages well.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

3. White Cutoff Denim Shorts

These denim shorts were designed by Stella McCartney, and seem to have been perfectly made for a sunny summer day. White shorts have never gone out of style, so making them in denim and giving them the same style treatment as trending summer 2016 denim shorts was a really smart move. Buy these shorts from Net-a-Porter!

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

4. Appliqued Denim Shorts

Who doesn’t love Saturday morning cartoons? These cute denim shorts from Shopbop feature adorable cartoon appliques, with unmistakable Looney Toons characters mixed in. These shorts are in a light denim wash, with rolled cuffs, but still feature the classic high waist and styling details many jean shorts have today.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

5. Levi’s Cutoff Denim Shorts

You can’t go wrong with a pair of anything denim with the Levi’s 501 name attached to them. This pair is in a classic darker wash denim with a bit of a fade, and these jean shorts are short indeed. The cutoff rides high in the back, which plays well with the high waist in use. They may be a bit risqué for some, but they’re totally adorable. Buy them from Nasty Gal!

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

6. Simple Cuffed Denim Shorts

These cute summer 2016 jean shorts are just what one might look for in a go-to pair of shorts. They’re simple, have a neatly rolled cuff, are slightly worn in, and just hang on the body. There is nothing too extravagant about these shorts, they’re not at that too-short level, and they’re great on many different figures. Buy a pair from REVOLVE!

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

7. Acid Wash Denim Shorts

For summer 2016 denim shorts are apparently also taking us back in time. Acid wash jeans were huge in ’80s and ’90s, and here they are again, featured on ASOS.com with some cute appliques on the back pockets. The jean shorts are cuffed and high waisted, much like the other styles of today, so the coloring is the real unique aspect here.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

8. Star Cutoff Denim Shorts

These raw hemmed denim shorts come from Shopbop, and feature a cute pattern of worn black stars on the medium washed denim. The frayed hem is slightly rolled in a natural way, and the rest of the fit and style is just what you’d expect from a non-high-waisted short, making it the perfect way to add a bit of fun flair to your collection.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

9. Short and Torn Denim Shorts

These jean shorts for 2016 are torn and fraying, much like this year’s overall trend for denim in general. The light wash is particularly appealing for a beachy or bohemian look, and the fray and tears in the hem is particularly messy. This organized chaos makes for an edgy look that is right on trend for a summer 2016 denim short. Buy a pair from REVOLVE!

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

10. Cutoff Black Denim Shorts

A pair of black shorts is just as much a staple as a pair of black pants. Even though they’re less common than one might think, their sleek look is often a great addition to a closet. Here, there is nothing abstract with these shorts, so you’re getting a great, go-to pair of black denim short shorts here with a stylish cutoff hem. Buy them from Shopbop!

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

11. Ripped Denim Bermuda Shorts

For the most part, summer 2016 denim shorts are all about the high waist and short length, but these edgy, cute Bermuda shorts go against that style profile. You have a simple, mid-rise waistline and a skinny fit down to the knees, with a rolled, straight hem and some trendy ripping, fraying and wearing along the way. Buy them from ASOS!

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

12. Raw Mid-Rise Denim Shorts

These jean shorts from REVOLVE are another trendy, straightforward pair, with a midgrade denim wash and a cutoff hem, with some rather large tears on the front in relation to the short length of the shorts. These shorts are looser fitting at the waist, which works especially well if you don’t like your waistbands digging in, or if you have an adorable new belt you’re dying to wear.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

13. Loose-Hemmed Cutoff Denim Shorts

Loose denim shorts are actually super cute for summertime, so these Rag & Bone jean shorts, available from Net-a-Porter, are a perfect way to add in some air to your outfit. Shorts like this look great paired with loose or tight tops, and you have more versatility for such, since you don’t have to worry about all of the garments in your ensemble being too tight.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

14. Rough Bermuda Shorts

These Bermuda length shorts from REVOLVE are rough due to their visually worn coloring, the tears over them, and the cutoff hemline. Right on style for summer 2016 denim shorts, these have the visual appeal of a cutoff pair of loose jeans, and leaving the hem so raw and fraying bring in a more modern feeling as well.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

15. Slogan-Embroidered Denim Shorts

In a very light, smooth wash of denim, these jean shorts have a high waist and no visual distress. The character and appeal here comes in the cute, pastel slogans and hashtags embroidered all around the shorts. You will find lines like “hiya” and “NOT YOUR BABY!!!” bring back memories of high school yearbook signings, adding in some nostalgia. Buy a pair from Topshop!

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

16. High Waist Denim Shorts with Tassels

Tassels in fashion can make anyone smile. They always add a bunch of whimsy to a garment, and here you can see them playfully and colorfully lining the hem of this pair of denim shorts. Available from Misguided, these jean shorts for 2016 come in a vintage blue wash with fraying on the front.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

17. Distressed Micro Denim Shorts

This pair of jean shorts, available from Free People, is very, very short, with the pocket lining visible below the hemline of the rolled cuffs. The rich blue wash of the denim shorts here is really appealing, and gives a nice boldness to the overall outfit. The distressing here is confined to the rolled up hemlines, which underneath it all are actually raw.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

18. Baggy Vintage Denim Shorts

From Anine Bing come these vintage-styled jean shorts, that achieve their stated name in different ways. Just looking at the shorts you can see the resemblance to a simply cutoff pair of retro jeans, and the faded panels on the back look as though old tags have been removed. Finished off with a long length and baggy fit, they stay true to their purpose.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

19. Low Rise Denim Shorts

These jean shorts have a rolled over hem, with fraying still visible for an appeal that is both trendy and organized. The fit is relaxed with a lower rise at the top, unlike many others this season, but the denim shorts still feature the stylish distressing, but in a more mild way. These jean shorts from Urban Outfitters are a standard, go-to pair for summer 2016.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

20. Shifted Denim Shorts

Also from Urban Outfitters, these interesting denim shorts are very reminiscent of the iconic destroyed jeans from Vetements. With the rear pocket shifted away from its original location, with a worn spot showing its true location, there is a lot of intrigue to this garment. This comes despite the fact that everything else about the shorts is standard and right on trend with summer 2016 denim shorts.

Summer 2016 Denim Shorts Shopping Guide

Photos courtesy of Ohh Couture, ASOS

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