Street Style Highlights From SS 2018 Seoul Fashion Week

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Every time there is a Seoul Fashion week, we get psyched about all the chic looks we will see. This year the event got a head start on the 16th, and it will last until Saturday, October 21st. Seoul is the fashion center of Southeast Asian fashion. Bloggers and fashionistas get their best outfits ready and proudly parade the streets of this city.

During the HERA SFW, there will be 41 new collections. Thirty-five top designers and brands from the country, as well as six other fashion companies, joined this year’s SFW. Fleamadonna, Pushbutton, and Bourie are just a few of the brands worth your attention. The shows will take place at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. This is also the first year when HERA appears as the leading sponsor of the event. The goal is to attract and support many new talented designers and to bring more buyers.

The street style that you will see is different from the polished outfits in Paris, Milan or London. You will see many famous streetwear brands, and these are the luxury fashion houses such as Balenciaga and Off-White that Asians are going crazy over.

The most important thing for the fashion influencers in Seoul is to have fun with their outfits. While the rest of the world is taking fashion way too seriously, here you will find the most vibrant outfits. It is impressive how these bloggers manage to pull off such playful looks that no one else would dare to wear. Take a look at some of the standout fashion moments, captured on the streets of Seoul during the SS 2018 Fashion Week.

Street Style Highlights From SS 2018 Seoul FW plaid blazer plaid dress

Photo Credit: Kyunghun Kim

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