Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

The very successful designer couple Sachin & Babi showed their Pre-Fall 2018 collection. This time they surprised by upgrading the simplistic style. So far, we saw the minimalistic side of the duo. Their designs were all about class and elegance but in a sophisticated way. For the following season, they involved a lot of glam and glitter to the looks. All of the designs are red carpet material. The designer duo loves playing with unique fabrics, different cuts, and embroidery.

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection long floral dress floral skirt pink shirt

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection maxi glittery dresses

The main source of inspiration for the designers was the ’70s trends. It is a decade full of significant moments in fashion. During these years, the influence of rock music was transferred to women’s clothing. Sachin & Babi took a trip down memory lane and reintroduced the glamorous rock ensembles that belong to that time. Their Pre-Fall 2018 collection radiates with femininity. But there is also a sense of grunge and just a hint of masculine cuts. Those masculine elements celebrate the time when rock wasn’t reserved only for men and became a gender fluid thing. The unique vibes had an impact on clothing, especially eveningwear.

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection black gown sequined details

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection tulle skirt sequined top

Sachin & Babi’s pre-fall line is every chic girl’s dream. You will fall in love with their glamorous dresses and intricate sequins. If you have a special occasion coming up, this is where you can shop. The husband and wife paid a lot of attention to details. Bows and frills are the two most noticeable elements that decorate the designs. There are also two dominant fabrics. The Ahluwalia couple used statement sequins in many different ways. Starting from sparkling dresses, blouses, to sequined sleeves. The second one is Lurex, seen in chic pants, dresses, and skirts. As you can see, the designers made a strong case for dazzling, shiny looks for next season.

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection midi sequined dresses

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection floral dress shirt glittery pants

Sachin & Babi’s collections usually don’t involve many colors. But this time that wasn’t the case. They involved the most vibrant shades such as magenta and electric blue. There is a selection of long, mesmerizing gowns all red carpet-worthy. Also, you will find an array of looks that are ideal for daily events.

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection magenta dress

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection floral black dress floral blue dress

The brand also sells super-chic earrings that are big among trendsetters. Each look is enriched with Sachin & Babi’s statement earrings. The designer duo is very involved in growing their brand’s e-commerce potential. These two have huge plans for the fashion house and are making great things happen with their unique collections.

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection multicolored gown

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2018 Collection blue gown

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