Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Roksanda Ilincic wants her ladies to feel strong and fierce. In the Pre-Fall 2018 collection, the designer created looks that will boost your confidence immediately. During these times of change, everyone needs a little boost to look and feel better. That is the sole purpose of Roksanda’s new line. The Serbian designer specializes in minimalist styles with a romantic twist. Although she usually keeps things simple and sophisticated, women are going crazy over each of her new releases.

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection white sweater black pants

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection printed coat

“We are all living in uncertain times, when things we thought wouldn’t happen are happening. It is really important to give my woman that extra confidence. She is strong and dressing for herself. She is interested in many different aspects of culture, and I think that curiosity is very important.”- the Serbian designer said.

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection white coat white pants

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection white dress colorful prints

The fast expansion of the brand is probably the main reason why ladies are so fond of Ilincic’s work. She offers a wide range of eveningwear and everyday wear. Aside from clothing, her fashion house delivers bags. Roksanda decided to cast a diverse line of models to present her designs for the lookbook. Her primary idea was to include women of different ages. That way she makes her brand more opened for all the changes happening in the world of fashion. And, she shows that her creations are meant for everyone.

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection yellow pants camel jacket

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection pink turtleneck pink and yellow skirt navy blazer

Among them, you could see Cordula Reyer, a former model and now a fashion editor. Cordula was an influential face in the industry as a muse to the great Helmut Lang. These are small but significant steps towards age and gender fluidity. Ilincic is one of the designers that are committed to the cause of making all women feel good in her designs. The photoshoot took place at London’s art collective Troika. This place merges fashion and art, which is Roksanda’s motto.

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection striped dress

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection yellow dress

For Pre-Fall 2018 the designer turned to over-sized silhouettes and a mix of feminine and masculine cuts. She often likes to get playful and involve a boyish charm in her looks. The well-known bell sleeves were once again the statement detail in the collection. This time she added carefully made 3D flowers and minimalist prints. One part of the outfits was monochromatic done in soft ivory and baby pink.

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection white pants top

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection pink turtleneck pink suit

The other half shows a vibrant side made of clashing prints and colors. This is all done in a very tasteful and eye-catching way. To the sophisticated outfits, Roksanda added her statement over-sized bags available in different colors and patterns.

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection striped pants blazer

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2018 Collection printed dress

Photo Credit: Roksanda

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