Long Belts Are Season’s Hottest Accessory

Long Belts Are Winter's Hottest Accessory
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Each year we witness a super-chic trend that looks good on bloggers, but it might look like too much on people that don’t dress up for a living. This year, that trending accessory is the long belt. Throughout the years, fashionistas made a strong case for this belt in many different ways. But, 2017 offered a unique perspective on how to wear it. Since the days of simple outfits are long gone, everyone wants to include something that makes their outfit stand out. The best way to do it this season is to add statement accessories.

Belts are underrated. It all started with Off-White’s now-iconic industrial belt. These fierce pieces look like a caution tape you’ve probably seen in the movies. Virgil Abloh clearly knows what he’s doing, since every single fashion blogger owns one of these. Even his celebrity besties Bella and Gigi Hadid showed off their Off-White long belts. What’s even better, the designer released a video on his Instagram page which will teach you how to wear them. Hopefully with all these trendy looks that we chose you won’t need additional inspiration.

Not many ladies think about a belt as the central piece of the outfit. Instead, most of us first think about jewelry and hats. But 2017 is officially the year of experimenting in fashion. From style bloggers to celebrities, everyone is trying to be as unique as possible. You might find this long belt trend as weird. Trust us, you will change your mind once you see all these fashionable looks.

Since cold days are ahead of us, you will need a belt that matches your coat. During the fashion month, a lot of the showgoers matched their trendy trench coats with this accessory. And we must admit that those two items are meant to be worn together. Chunky winter coats go much better with thick leather long belts. If you love rocking outwear with masculine cuts, this belt will give your figure a feminine touch on the waist.

Another way to wear it is with a dress. Just wrap it around your waist and you are ready to go. Other options include baggy pants, jeans, and trendy skirts. Also, the length and the way you wrap it are your choices. Some bloggers went with extremely long styles that reach to the ankles, while others wore shorter designs above the knees.

Flip through to check out all the cool ways you can wear a long belt this season. If you want to add unconventional accessories to your style, look no further.

Long Belts Are Winter's Hottest Accessory plaid coat red boots

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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