Is the VS Fashion Show Finally Going to Feature a Plus-Size Model?

2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show

With the rise of the body positivity movement, the lingerie giant, Victoria’s Secret has been under fire for not casting diverse models. It seems that the company has listened to the complaints of their customers to some extent. Their annual shows are getting more and more diverse. However, it seems that they are somehow forgetting about the other aspects of diversity besides race and ethnicity. So, is the upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show finally going to feature a plus-size model?


Photo By @ashleygraham/Instagram

Remember last year when the curvy model Ashley Graham fiercely called out Victoria’s Secret by photoshopping a pair of wings on her shoulders? The model sparked a hot debate on the internet. Even Victoria’s Secret customers expressed their disappointment that the brand is not featuring models of different shapes and sizes in their shows.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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