Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

The New Year is here and 2015 will be riddled with prints of all types, particularly the long loved gingham checks. If you aren’t one to do a full overhaul of your closet every season or even every year, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that vintage is in once again and along with the bare face with the ‘70s bold lashes, we’re looking at checked patterns that have been a staple during every decade and certainly been a favorite for centuries. Literally speaking, the plain woven dyed cotton fabric is believed to have hedged its way into the English fashion world from the Dutch end in the 17th century, even though its name suggests Malay origins. From the 18th century, Manchester’s mills brought the gingham fabric to the general public and it’s stayed part of our fashion world ever since. Now, we see it marking the 2015 runways and it appears we won’t need to put them away once again until the end of the summer at least!

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

Whether gingham check patterns remind you of the typical American style or the 1960s south of France, the look is positively sweet, absolutely irresistible and undoubtedly one of the best fashion trends for 2015. The dresses are delightful and reminiscent of the golden path leading to Oz with a lovely gingham check wearing Dorothy making friends along the way. They are, of course, quite a bit more chic, sexy and positively delicious, setting a rather casually luxurious mood. The 2015 versions of the classic give a modern twist and insurmountable energy to the traditional favorites. You just have to be wearing them right!

Go for the Lighter Colored Gingham Patterns

It’s the effortless, weightless look we’re getting at here and you will be loving the spring runway trends with their softness and fun, flirty vibes. There’s such a light mood these pieces create, mild in nature with featherweight fabrics, casually pulled together in gentle greens and azure blues, powdery pinks and baby colors, dusty peaches and desert tones. The spring style of the bare face and boho waves or those lovely messy updos will have you looking like the charming southerner you always knew you are.

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

Do Both Delicate and Oversized – Your Choice!

Okay, we know you’re confused. Is it the larger gingham prints or the itty bitty teeny tiny versions that we have walking down that runway? The truth is that it’s both. We have all sizes, from delicate and dainty to oversized, micros and macros, each made to really hug the silhouette a different way. You can choose the size of gingham that suits you most, that appeals to your own personal tastes. That’s the beauty of it this season! Go for the little skirts or the billowing dresses, the sweet jumpsuits or the fitted shirts, the crop tops with midriff bared, the chi twin sets or even the coats that cover it all up. Gingham’s in with all its bustle and bumble and you are the boss. Wear them with lace or on its own, just make sure you got some gingham in your wardrobe!

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

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Mix the Prints

It sounds like a fashion faux pas but this season it’s all the rage. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the mixing of the prints brings out the fun in the gingham, with a rather effortless look to it if done up correctly. Use the gingham sparsely for best results, clashing complimentary color tones together despite the type of print. You want the pieces to be breezy though, airy kimonos coming into play alongside youthful trainers. Contrasting prints and hues can also have a rather intriguing effect, drawing upon one another to create maximum effect. Retro hairstyles, bare faces and color-blocked heels pull in the finishing touches for a look that’s simply too awesome to let up, if you dare try it!

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

The Feminine and the Flattering

It’s the easy silhouette that draws the attention this spring season, with the very modern feminine and utterly sexy combined with the traditional and classy, flattering each woman’s figure to the tee with its easy fall against the body. Instead of going tight, the gingham’s worn looser against the skin, with strategic flashes in areas you wouldn’t normally consider, particularly around the waist. Subtle cut-outs, unbuttoned shirt dresses and other such designs balance the traditional with the independently modern woman. Styling should be kept to a minimum, with either the casual or chic looks, wherein you change around the hair and the shoes to dress up or down, according to the time and place you are dressing for. A pair of heels with a slick bun can make all the statement you need on a date.

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

Retro Chic Twin Sets

If you thought there was too little retro until now, check again. The runways are full of the twin sets, with matching tops and bottoms, presented in a rather uncomplicated gingham style that’s both sporty casual and perfectly chic. Long sleeves with shorts or sleeveless crop tops with midi skirts, this look is simply too lovely and such a vintage retrospect that it’s hard to think about it not being part of the spring 2015 fashion trends. Wear them together or as separates, they work perfectly to really give your wardrobe the kick it needs.

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

Going Quietly Sophisticated

While gingham can be super fun to play with, especially with contrasting prints and hues, it can also do for a sophisticated, chic and perfectly professional outfit, especially with the classical combination of black and white. Subtle and simple and what you are going for here, with sleek lines and a playful undertone taking away the edge. Sportier dresses with button down gingham prints at the collar and down to the waist create a lovely silhouette, particularly when paired with a wet hair look and minimal makeup. Fringed accessories push their way into this line as well, while mixing in some yellows with that black and white brings out the modern woman with her sexy, confident style. Pick up different sized checks, tailor the fit to the body and style with voluminous hair and simple heels while pulling the focus to the eyes and you are going to take over the block with that look! And remember that a gingham printed bag can always be a chic addition to your monochrome looks!

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

Learn the Art of Black-Blocking

It is one of the most sophisticated ways to wear any pattern and we all know it. That stark contrast made between the color in plain mode and the balance of print is astounding when given the right styling. Casual sophistication meets its match thus and looks terrific when worn with black crop tops off the shoulder and belted gingham high waist cotton trousers. Pink button down shirts with black blocked trousers are perfectly professional and utterly sweet with their soft look complimenting sophistication of design. Unbutton the top few buttons after work to ramp up the sex appeal as well!

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

Tailored to Perfection

Some of these may look more like pyjamas but if done right, having 2 piece suits in gingham tailored to fit perfectly to the body they envelop has a pretty mesmerizing effect. Think dangerously high middle slits, skirt suits and short suits with different silhouettes, sharply tailored designs and full-fledged plunges that show off enough skin to be sexy but sleekly chic. Add fresh shades of lipstick, pretty heels and hair pulled back into a ponytail and you have some of the loveliest spring looks ever, combining the masculine and the feminine in an effortless touch.

Gingham Print Trend for Spring/Summer 2015

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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