Top 8 Chic Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own

Ain’t it funny how time slips away? Summer is gradually coming to an end and that’s a bitter pill to swallow for many of us out there. But there is a double-edged sword in anything. Feeling disheartened at this moment about being deprived of warm sunrays soon, there is consolation prize ahead of us though. And the name of the game is the awesome fall fashion moments. No matter how much summerphile you are, just accept it that no other season can bring such elegant and chic fashion moments than the cozy and rust-colored fall. And here we want to provide you with the top 8 fall 2016 outerwear must-haves every woman should own.

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own

The name of Andrew Marc is closely associated with outerwear crafted out of such luxury materials as leather, fur, down and wool. This 30-year-old New York based cosmopolitan brand has developed over years with a concept in mind never to dash hopes of even a single woman. That’s why whether you are a badass biker girl or an elegant lady always in good shape or maybe a typical city slicker, you are likely to have a blast with Andrew Marc.

Most importantly, unlike other luxury outerwear pieces that usually cost you an arm and a leg, Andrew Marc promises budget-friendly luxury and comfort all the cold season long. Browse through our list of the best fall 2016 outerwear picks from Andrew Marc and waste no time to invest in your drop-dead gorgeous autumnal looks! Spoiler alert – all these fall buys are versatile and timeless staples you’ll enjoy wearing many more years to come!

1. Selena Biker-Chic Leather Jacket

When we state that Andrew Marc can charm even a badass biker girl, we literally mean it. This gorgeous black lambskin Selena jacket with exposed zippers and ripped padding at the shoulders priced at just $398 will look equally chic whether you are riding a motorcycle or just meandering through the city streets.

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Leather Biker Jacket

2. Cognac-Flavored Suede Sienna Coat

Need your fall coat seem like smelling bitter cognac? There is no better choice than this cognac brown Sienna coat in exquisite suede with contrast leather pieces at the lapels. Available at Andrew Marc, this belted wrap coat is to flatter your complexion in a heartbeat on almost any occasion.

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Suede Coat

3. Rain-Worthy Tess Puffer Coat

If you invest in this puffer coat crafted out of water-repellent fabric, rainy days might truly become that long-awaited period to show off your flair for style. Available in red, black and white shades at Andrew Marc, this coat with quilted texture filled with down and a hood trimmed with faux fur is sure to carry you through long rainy days. What’s more, puffer jackets are fall’s ultimate trend!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Puffer Jacket

4. Matte Finished Nappalan Jacket

When your heart is set on playing versatility, no doubt, go with this cool goat Nappalan fall outerwear piece with a matte finish and exposed zippers. Available in moss green and black shades, the jacket will make some pretty good assemblage whether with your tomboy look or ultra feminine visage. Buy yours here!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Nappalan Jacket

5. Utilitarian Style Devyn Parka

Once you try on this strong Italian wool twill parka in a chic graphite shade, you just can’t help but look like a strong-willed woman ready to overcome the worst of life’s hardships. The flap pockets are meant to keep hands warm, while the fox fur trim adds some extra strength and chic. And one reminder: shake your legs to buy this parka with 63% off!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Parka Coat

6. That Piss-Elegant Ivory Coat

Whenever ivory is around, elegance starts playing with all its colors. Here is that wool swing coat from Andrew Marc in ivory with a fur coyote trimmed hood that just screams to make you the piss-elegant lady of the upcoming fall 2016 season.

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Hooded Coat

7. Super Versatile Miranda Parka

Need a single outerwear piece to provide you with several different looks throughout fall 2016? This super versatile Miranda parka from Andrew Marc is here to stay. The outer layer water-repellent cotton will function best for long rainy days, protecting your hair as well through the removable fox fur-trimmed hood.

Want a more lightweight look for the breezy weather? Just get rid of the hood. Need a softer chic visage? The rabbit fur liner can be worn alone as a super comfy vest. Head to Andrew Marc and acquire the whole set of tools to play with style!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Long Parka

8. Warm Courtney Alpaca Coat

If your body just can’t stand any cold, here is a perfect solution for you. This snow white alpaca coat of a cocoon silhouette promises to keep you warm all day long and to make you feel snug as a bug in a rug. Hurry to buy this body candy with 61% off and make your fall 2016 the warmest period ever!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Alpaca Coat

Article sponsored by Andrew Marc

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