Denim On Trend

I have begun to see denim more and more in stores. I use to not care for a complete denim look very much, If I  can be honest here, I use to think an all denim look was just bland looking. Lately I have seen what I would almost call a”rebirth of denim” as it’s being  made into more feminine lines and silhouettes, and all around more flattering designs, giving the trend a softer feel. I picked up this cute little denim dress with ruffle sleeves and thought “I think I can do this”.  So I tried it on and felt… well, cute!  So I have found a similar dress, amongst a few other trendy denim pieces that are worth giving a try. As always, I have taken the work out of it for you and coordinated the whole outfit so that all you have to do is click and wait for the arrival. You’re welcome.

Playful Denim Dress

This look is ver close to my look shown above. I took a denim dress with playful ruffles and paired it with some sneakers, it was great for grabbing lunch in downtown LA at the Grand Central Market.

Get This Dress For $84.00 Here.

Get This Bag For $79.99 Here.

Get These Shoes For $120.00 Here.

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