Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Christian Siriano is one of those designers that know how to transform a minimalist design into a red carpet-worthy dress. All of the looks from his Pre-Fall 2018 collection are already in high demand for the upcoming award season. From that fact you can get a general idea of how popular and renowned Christian is among A-listers. There isn’t a single celebrity event without Siriano’s dresses.

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 Collection long floral dress

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 Collection black voluminous skirt black white and blue crop top

This time the designer was inspired by his mom, who gave him photographs of her from back in the day. The pictures date from the 70s, a decade when fashion was in full bloom. You will notice those throw-back vibes in several of the looks. From there, the designer looked into pictures of Mick and Bianca Jagger from the same decade. He got the idea of presenting a Pre-Fall 2018 collection with a glam rock vibe. Several other designers turned to the same concept for their lines. Now we know what to expect for the following season.

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 striped dress pants blouse

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 Collection long gray dress

Christian paid attention to day wear as well as glamorous, elegant ensembles. A larger part of the collection is made of whimsical designs that deserve a special occasion. All of the dresses are voluminous, with simple cuts, made of gorgeous fabrics. Siriano is one of those designers that know how to make minimalist creations look like million dollars pieces. He constantly proves that it’s not all about extravaganza and opulence.
Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 Collection long floral dress

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 Collection long embellished dress

There is a strong sense of diversity in the collection. Starting from cuts to colors, Christian made sure to include a little bit of everything. The shades range from bright, statement blue ones, to dark black and gray. When it comes to fabrics, you’ll see sequins, stripes, denim and even florals.

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 sequined midi dress sequined jumpsuit

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 blue midi dress

The other portion consists of sophisticated looks with a twist of luxury. These are denim and leather ensembles that can be turned into party wear. Both looks involve high-waisted, wide-leg chic pants. The leather pair is matched with a crop top with off-the-shoulder sleeves. While the denim outfit includes a cropped jacket with statement collars and a long belt on the waist.
Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 leather pants crop top

Christian Siriano Pre-Fall 2018 denim pants crop top

The pictures from his mother also inspired two capsule collections, one with denim separates the other one with leather garments. Thanks to those 70s-inspired outfits, Siriano debuted his first-ever denim line. In February, the designer will celebrate his 10th anniversary. That is why he wanted to tone down this collection and save the glam for another occasion. His gowns are still gorgeous and mesmerizing, but a bit different than before. This means that we have another spectacular presentation to look forward to.

Photo Credit: Christian Siriano

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