Ashley Graham Uses Unretouched Paparazzi Shots for Her New Swimwear Campaign

With the latest Swimsuits for All campaign, Ashley Graham firmly cemented her status of a body-positive icon. The inspiring model is no stranger to unretouched photos, but this time she took things even further. Ashley was in Miami shooting the newest campaign for the inclusive swimwear retailer when she and her team noticed that they are followed by paparazzi. When she saw their photos an idea occurred to her:

‘Why not use their photos as the campaign images?’ These raw and unedited images would remind women that they are ‘flawless’ in their own right and that they already have the perfect beach body!” – Graham stated.

Paparazzi shots could also be unflattering, but Graham didn’t want this fact to get in the way of her self-confidence and self-love.

“Of course it’s daunting knowing the paparazzi may have captured an unflattering photo, but I remind myself that being authentic is beautiful, and I have nothing to hide when it comes to my body because I know it’s changing people’s lives,” the model said.

Ashley Graham Uses Unretouched Paparazzi Shots for Her New Swimsuit For All Campaign black and white monokini

Ashley Graham Uses Unretouched Paparazzi Shots for Her New Swimsuit For All Campaign black monokini

The swimwear campaign is for Ashley’s collaborative collection with Swimsuits For All. The model launched her first line for the inclusive beachwear retailer in 2016 which was an instant success. Since then, the model is continuously dropping new chic swimwear designs. Her summer 2018 collection features nine gorgeous pieces inspired by 1920’s Art Deco styles. There is everything from a classic black one-piece to embellished chic bikini. Graham models the pieces relaxed and unaware of who’s taking the pictures. The model isn’t trying to find her “best angles”, but she still looks absolutely gorgeous. The off-guard shots show the beautiful Graham as she is walking on the beach and the streets of Miami, as well as leaning against cars. In all of the shots, the model is flaunting her voluptuous physique wearing the new Swimsuits For All pieces.

Thanks to inspiring models such as Ashley Graham and retailers such as Target and Aerie unretouched images are becoming more common in the fashion and beauty industry. Ashley’s decision to use photoshop-free and completely unedited photos is another step forward towards normalizing the appearance of real female bodies. Millions of women feel insecure to get in a bathing suit because of their imperfections, but with her latest campaign, Graham is sharing a powerful message that every woman deserves to show off her beach body with pride. In her previous Swimsuits for All shoot, Graham invited her 53-year old mother to star alongside her wearing bikini and monokini pieces from her line.

Ashley Graham Uses Unretouched Paparazzi Shots for Her New Swimsuit For All Campaign

Ashley Graham Uses Unretouched Paparazzi Shots for Her New Swimsuit For All Campaign black monokini

The Swimsuits for All campaign ” Power of the Paparazzi” features size-inclusive swimwear styles that come in sizes 4 to 22 and cost between $102-$120. Ashley Graham’s Summer 2018 collection is already available on

Photo Credit: Swimsuits for All

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