Ariana Grande’s Best Looks


Ariana Grande has over 140 million followers on Instagram, and her amazing voice is not the only reason for her huge popularity. The gorgeous 25-year-old has a very distinctive sense of fashion. With every single appearance, Grande sets new trends. Both the young and adult audience steal styling tricks from her fashion book. This beauty is recognizable for her signature hairstyle, a super-long pony. Lately, it’s been getting longer and fiercer. Ariana is an inspiration on so many levels, so we decided to bring you her best looks.

Ariana Grande’s Best Looks sistine chapel gown met gala

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ariana’s fabulous 2018 Met Gala dress is so extra! The singer wore the iconic Sistine Chapel painted on her glamorous gown. Designer Vera Wang decided to paint the back wall of the Chapel on the fabric of Grande’s gown. She finished off the look with an enormous bow as a part of her hairstyle. What an epic appearance!

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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