5 Outfits Lady Gaga Would Wear Better


Lady Gaga is without a doubt one of the most controversial celebrities when it comes to fashion and beauty. The singer is iconic on so many levels. Every single time she appears in public, there is a new surprise¬†for paparazzi. For her debut movie roll in “A Star is Born”, you’ll see Gaga transform into a character who is completely different than she is in real life. The whole buzz around the film inspired us to find crazy fashion outfits that our favorite singer would wear better than the original version. These are the boldest ensembles that literally have “Lady Gaga” written all over them.

Get a closer look and decide for yourself.

5-Outfits-Lady-Gaga-Would-Wear-Better-silver dress

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There is only one single person who could wear this daring ensemble quite as good as Miley. The queen of extravaganza could pull off this look in a minute. There was a time in her career when Lady Gaga donned the most naked celebrity outfits ever. We are more than sure that she would love to give this silver futuristic mini dress a try.

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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