The Sexiest Celeb Hairstyles to Flaunt

The Sexiest Celeb Hairstyles to Flaunt Selena Gomez
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This year was a year of hair transformations. Celebrities satisfied their experimental side with changing hair looks. A lot of us felt an urgent need to see a hairdresser after seeing all those gorgeous hairstyles. 2017 was also the year of fierce short cuts. Some got pixie cut, others even went bald, but everyone experimented more than usual. The ladies who flaunted these short hairstyles proved that not only long hair is feminine and sexy.

Opposite of the pixie cuts, many celebrities got mile-long extensions channeling their inner Cher. At some point, bobs and lobs became the new It hairstyle. The latest celebrity who got a trending bob is Selena Gomez. The queen of Instagram chopped all of her shiny brown hair and transformed herself into a sexy blonde bombshell. Recently Selena Gomez got her bob styled in voluminous waves proving that blondes really have more fun. We can all agree that these chic waves that come in so many variations are the sexiest hairstyle ever. You don’t even need to wait for a special event to style your hair like this. You can do it for work, lunch with friends, date night and so on. Besides being simply irresistible, this hairstyle is insanely versatile.

Zendaya is another major #hairinspo. She keeps her hair brown but flaunts the fiercest hairstyles on the red carpet. While most celebrities opt for sleek hairstyles for glamorous events Zendaya wins the game with bouncy curls. This year she brought back the high school half-updo proving that this kind of hairstyle can be sexy as hell. Another celebrity who loves to show off her natural curls on the red carpet is the Black-ish star, Yara Shahidi. If you are looking for the sexiest frizzy hairstyle ideas, the young actress got you covered. At this year’s MTV VMA’s awards, Yara flaunted slicked on the top and curly towards the ends hairstyle that reminded everybody that natural curls belong to the red carpet.

We have to admit that side-part hairstyles have a special charm. Just the fact that part of your hair covers one side of your face in a flirty way adds on sexiness. Plus you can unintentionally play with your hair by running your fingers over it to get it away from your face or give it a bit of volume. Don’t even try to convince us that you aren’t feeling yourself while doing this.

From sleek updos to hot wet hairstyles, here are the sexiest ways to style your hair according to celebrities.

Zoe Kravitz

The Sexiest Celeb Hairstyles to Flaunt Zoe Kravitz

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