The Celebrity Breakups of 2018 That We Still Cry Over


Celebrities often fall in love with other celebrities. And that’s all great, but it literally breaks our hearts when we find out that our favorite stars are no longer together. These celebrity breakups made 2018 one of the saddest years when it comes to famous relationships. Find out which couples are not together anymore and all the reasons why they decided to split.

Ariana Grande & Mac Miller

The-Celebrity-Breakups-of-2018-That-We-Still-Cry-Over-ariana grande mac miller

Photo Credit: @arianagrande/Instagram

Ariana Grande found a way to break our hearts twice in a single year. In one of the most talked about celebrity breakups of 2018, the singer announced her split with Mac Miller. It all happened in May this year, allegedly because of Mac’s addiction problems. The rapper was unfortunately found dead on September 7.

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