Is a Short Bob with Bangs for You?

You’ve probably noticed that almost every single trendy star you follow on Instagram is going shorter with their hair. The days of long hairstyles might be¬†officially done for now. Ever since last year, shorter haircuts such as the bob, lob, pixie, and buzz have been the go-to look for celebs. This season, you can expect to see an array of short bob looks, all upgraded with bangs. There is no better way to style your mane than with this fabulous do. Even if you are not a huge fan of the bob with bangs, after you see the pictures below you will be sold. This is one of the most versatile hairdos that you can style in an infinite number of ways.

Take a cue from these popular stars on how to make a hairstyle change this fall.

Rachel McAdams

Is-a-Short-Bob-with-Bangs-for-You-rachel mcadams

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A short bob with side-swept bangs is perfect for ladies with a bony face structure. Also, fringes really flatter gals with larger foreheads. This is actually the oldest trick in the book. A lot of women that feel insecure about their forehead tend to rock fun, side-swept bangs. It literally creates the perfect illusion.

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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