Glam Retro Curls To Steal From A-Listers

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Glamorous curly hairstyles have been around since way back. They date from the 1920s when ladies started going crazy over Marcel curls. Throughout the time women found many different gorgeous ways to style their hair in curls. During the last few years, there is one trend that is here to stay. Many celebrities started rocking the chic beach waves. But in spite of the popularity of this hairstyle, the Hollywood glam curls are still the trendiest hairstyle to flaunt for a special occasion.

There are choices for everyone. If you are rocking a short bob or lob, you can always style it in neat pin curls. Also, curly updos will upgrade your hairstyle. For the ladies who have long hair, there are even more options. Each decade from the past brought different trends. For example, the 80s were all about voluminous curly looks. We are lucky enough to say that in 2017, you can flaunt any look you like.

Blake Lively is well known for her gorgeous long blonde hair. The actress uses every chance she has to impress us with her sleek, flawless hairstyles. And as you could guess, retro waves are her favorite. Blake sure knows how to pull off many different variations of the Hollywood glamorous dos. We’ve seen her flaunt tiny voluminous curls and shiny pin waves. Thanks to her, any hairstyle can look amazing. So Lively is the ideal inspiration for sophisticated, old-style manes.
There are several different types of retro curly hairstyles that you can copy. All of them are equally popular and appealing. If you are opting for a classy do, then you should go with gorgeous pin waves that look stunning. It is the most elegant hairdo of all. This classy mane will upgrade your look for a special occasion. Plus, it will perfectly compliment your long gown and fierce makeup. Another great idea is to rock oversized bouncy rings. This is a voluminous look reserved for the bold. It can be a great addition to your appearance at many different events. Jourdan Dunn and Vanessa Hudgens are the two celebrities that chose this fierce do and pulled it off like pros.

Take a cue from famous celebrities such as Shay Mitchell, Zendaya, Taylor Hill and more on how to transform your ordinary hairstyle into a glamorous retro do. The old Hollywood glam is always a great idea, no matter the occasion. Here is some inspiration for that and other curly hairstyles.

Shay Mitchell

Glam Retro Curls To Steal From A-Listers Shay Mitchell

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