Celeb Inspo: The Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Bobs and lobs may be trending right now, but there is nothing wrong with keeping your hair mile-long. That’s even an advantage in the cold winter months. It’s like having a blanket that keeps you warm at all times. Pixie cuts made it big in 2017, but faithful long-hair gals won’t spend a day of the year thinking about cutting their hair. On the good side, short cuts can be as demanding as very long hairstyles. So, there is no reason to think that your hair is high-maintenance. And even high-maintenance is good sometimes. Just think of all of the options you have. After all, the process of glamming up feels as good as an hour at the spa. Admit it: It’s relaxing. Plus you can take a killer selfie afterward.

Since there are so many options when you have long hair, where do we start? With the Hollywood’s favorite do, of course. Everywhere from red carpets to other events the romantic waves are every celebrity’s go-to hairstyle. This hairstyle looks good on any hair length, but especially on long hair. The waves are bouncier and glamorous when done on long hair. The beach waves are a more casual alternative to the romantic curls. Both hairstyles are perfect for any occasion from formal to casual.

Opposite to the curly hairstyles is the infamous Cher hair. Many celebrities channeled their inner Cher with extremely long hair extensions. If you already have long hair you don’t need to spend money on them. All you need is to keep your hair sleek and straight. Kim Kardashian is one of the Hollywood A-listers who embraced this trend before she went blonde. This is an easy to achieve hairstyle that never goes out of style. If your hair is naturally straight all you need to do is a precise center part.

Your options are endless when it comes to updos and half-updos. You can bring back your favorite high school half-updo by putting up part of your hair just like Rihanna did. Ariana Grande is your ultimate guide to fierce ponytails while Yara Shahidi has the best hairstyles for naturally curly long hair. Zendaya is another great inspiration for big and sexy curly hair. Starts like Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, always have the perfect blowout.

Things aren’t complicated at all when you have Rapunzel hair. Just flip through the gallery we have prepared and you’ll immediately get inspired.

Emily Ratajkowski

Celeb Inspo The Best Hairstyles for long hair Emily Ratajkowski
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