How to Choose a Bridal Gown

How to Choose a Bridal Gown

Wedding is the greatest event that takes place in our lives. This day is so exciting and alluring for the couple, especially for the bride who has got to look perfect on her day, when she is an object of admiration, always in the center of attention.

A choice of every dress is always a tough task for each girl, especially if they want to look wonderful for an occasion. They spend much time on trying on different styles, colors to finally pick the one that suits those most of all. If when choosing an ordinary dress for an ordinary party or ceremony is that tough for a girl, then can you imagine what a hard thing it is to choose the dress of your dreams, the one you have so much thought about: the bridal dress!

Each of us may have always had the figure of a well dressed bride with a white long gown that looks so innocent and charming. And now that it is time to pick that wedding dress for yourself, you start thinking between several options, to make the correct choice. To make your task easier, below we present several tips on how to choose a bridal gown right.

How to Choose a Bridal Gown
When choosing a bridal dress, always pay attention to your body type, do not get impressed by a specific designer dress, and encourage yourself to wear it for sure. Consider your body peculiarities thoroughly, since not every beautiful looking dress may suit you well. Never make a decision in haste. Try dresses, compare them with each other, and ask your friends, probably bridesmaids for advice. Listen to your inner voice and make the ideal pick.

Determine the Style of Your Bridal Gown

Before purchasing a bridal dress, consider what style you would like to have. Once you figure that out, it will be easier for you to concentrate on particular gowns only, to make a choice between them.

Spend your time on researching a bit. Look through different trendy bridal magazines, search on the internet or visit different bridal shops to collect information about dresses. If you are hesitating between several styles, then try each of them and see how they look on you. Be honest to yourself and evaluate the one that flatters your figure the best.

There are different styles. Let us analyze each of them separately and compare the pros and cons of each of them accordingly.

Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are characterized to have full skirts that usually flatter everybody, unless the bride is too short. On a small bride this kind of a dress will not look ok, since she will be lost in the volume.

A-line Bridal Gown

A-line dresses usually come with a fitted bodice, the skirt of which creates the “A” shape, flaring from the waist. Such dresses usually look good on any girl. Girl, who want to hide lower body flaws, should certainly give preference to A-line bridal gowns, as these dresses are not as full as ball gowns.


Sheaths look the best on slender women with balanced proportions. This is an ideal pick for flawless bodies, where there is nothing to conceal. However, sheaths will not hide any flaws. So if you have full thighs, better avoid this style, since you will probably feel uncomfortable all the time. The long lines of a sheath gown can make you look taller and slimmer. This is why, this style of a dress works well for short girls.

Empire Waist Bridal Gowns

Empire waist gowns feature a skirt flaring right below the breast line. Such kinds of bridal gowns are especially good for casual, non-formal weddings or ones organized in a tropical climate. Empire waist bridal gowns usually feature a light, flowing fabric, and they look the best on brides with a full tummy. Unlike dresses with lower waistline, such gowns distract attention from the belly.

Mermaid Bridal Gowns

As the name already hints, the mermaid style bridal dress is contoured against the body and starting from the knees, it beautifully flows out. This is perhaps the sexiest bridal dress of all the styles. If you have a perfect figure, with nothing to hide, then a mermaid wedding dress is what you should choose to show off your curves.

Pay Attention to the Neckline

Once you decide the style of the dress consider the neckline as well. There are different styles like:

‚Äö” Halter neckline that wraps around the back of the neck, creating deep armholes. It is indeed very sexy.

‚Äö” High neckline covers most of the neck. It looks somewhat formal and stiff , so choose it whenever your wedding is a formal one.

‚Äö” Portrait neckline is a wide scoop from the end of one shoulder to the other one.

‚Äö” Square neckline is a typical square cut that can often be seen with empire gowns.

‚Äö” Strapless neckline, that is normally straight across, is not preferable for women with small busts.

‚Äö” Sweetheart neckline has the shape of the top of a heart. It is the best style, if you want to accentuate the cleavage.

‚Äö” And finally V-Neck, that is a typical V shaped neckline that is deep enough. So if you feel uncomfortable with this much opening, then avoid it for sure. You will be touching it all the time trying to adjust. With this wide variety choose the one that will show your bust in the nice and most appropriate way.

How to Choose a Bridal GownHow to Choose a Bridal Gown

Consider the Type of the Wedding Ceremony and the Season

Whenever you chose a dress do not ignore the type of the wedding ceremony you are going to have and of course the season as well. For a traditional formal wedding you would preferably like to have long gowns that reach the floor, accompanied with a long train. It is a classical choice for this type of a ceremony. Whereas, if your wedding is a much informal one, then you might be feeling more comfortable if choosing a dress that is a shorter, strapless one with no train. Or if you like to cover your head with a garment anyways, then take a “sweep” train, which just barely brushes the floor or a flyaway veil, which falls to the shoulder.

If getting married in the cold season, take a thicker fabric unless your entire ceremony is going to be inside. For a beach ceremony, however, opt for very thin fabrics.

Choose the Color of the Bridal Gown

It is no less important to choose the color of the gown as well. The traditional color is, of course, white, which has been, is and will of course always remain the symbol of a bridal dress. However, today there is a tendency in having different colors for special emphasis. When looking for another color aside from white, check if it goes well with your complexion. The gown color should compliment your skin tone. Other interesting colors that can be picked are light ivory, beige, champagne, or a trendier way is having pink, blue and even red bridal gowns.

Once you chose the matching bridal dress for you, do not forget about the accompanying accessories that will add more glamour to your look. Perfectly suiting shoes, which will make you feel comfortable, should be picked. Also a clutch or a small handy bag that will be your first aid, with the necessary makeup tools inside. No less important is choosing the right bridal lingerie.

To have a more glittery look, do not forget about jewelry. A necklace will look fantastic if your décolleté is quite wide. If you have an updo hairstyle, then the most perfect way to highlight your elegance is wearing long earrings.

Choose the right wedding dress with patience and make your great day an unforgettable one. The nice photos that will be the memories of this day will always remind you about the nice time you had with the best bridal gown on.

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