How to Get the Perfect Suntan

Suntan always makes a girl look sexier and chicer. Starting from the previous century the tendency of having tanned skin has pushed its way into the fashion and firmly keeps its honorable place till these days. It is indeed too sexy to have a natural suntan. All your image and style change at once. Your look is now different, your makeup sits another way on you and you seem to be a different person. This is a real fun to undergo such a change at least once a year.

How to Get the Perfect Suntan

However, there is a negative impact of a natural suntan. Staying too much in the sun can cause skin cancer to develop. Besides, during those peak heating hours of the afternoon your skin gets the most of the sun, which will lead to an early aging, with wrinkles appearing pretty soon. There are not two pleasant things together at one place. So if you want to benefit from the suntan, at least use correct techniques and time to minimize the negative impact of the sun.

If you want to have a natural suntan, never go to the beach on the peak hours. Either spend several hours in the morning till the noon, or choose the time when the sun is least heating, preferably in the evening, at 5 o’clock. The sun will not have set yet, besides the breeze coming from the sea that typically starts in the evening also tends to darken your skin color.

Always consider your skin peculiarities. If you easily get suntanned then do not spend much time lying in the sun. You should also limit the time on lying in one and the same position. Always make sure to change your position every 7-15 minutes, depending on the weather, not to let the sun rays concentrate on one part of your body only.

Always take preparatory actions before sunbathing. In order not to make your skin burn and get peeled you should go to the beach armed with necessary tools of skin protection. Hardly would you like to have a grilled look instead of the lovely suntan.

Exfoliate your skin, using a skin cleanser and a sponge to remove dead skin cells. You let fresh skins cells be exposed, and accordingly you avoid uneven tan and excessive peeling and burning.

In order to get the perfect tan, moisturize your skin well before going for any type of tanning product. Especially work well on the areas where your skin can get dry: knees, ankles, elbows and wrists. If you have oily skin, stay away from oil-based moisturizers. A glycerin-based product is the right thing for you.

It’s important to pick the right tanning product for flawless results. Never use baby oil. Oil, in general, should never be applied prior to suntan, since it speeds up the procedure of being burned. With the oil on your skin the ultraviolet rays will be focused and magnified on your skin, which is by all means not healthy for anyone.

Choose between a tanning lotion or a cream, which will help you get a natural, beautiful tan without any harmful exposure to the sun. Never use too much of the product, however. Apply a thin layer evenly and gently. Always apply the cream or lotion every time you get out of water since some products normally wash away when you are in water and even if you are actively moving or sweating. Thus, it is important that you should refresh the protective cream at least once every hour.

Once you are done with the day’s dose of suntan, take a bath and moisturize your skin immediately. Never stay long with the creams or the salty water on your skin. Take a cool shower and reduce your skin temperature. Apply a moisturizer to prevent your skin from peeling or blemishes.
And always use after sun skin care products to make the suntan last long. Always moisturize your skin not only after taking a shower after the suntan immediately, but every time you take a shower.

Follow these steps and you will have an even and beautiful suntan which will last long. Care about your health and never stay more in the sun for a quicker effect.

However, if you are afraid to hurt your skin by natural suntan, then choose those sunless procedures that cost a pretty high amount of money and get the artificial suntan at a short time.

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Written by Armine Karapetyan
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