Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 2012 Lip Stain Collection

Every woman knows the great power of high quality makeup products, and since one of the most seductive features of a woman is considered to be her lips, it’s more than important to get a highly pigmented lip stain for the ultimate impact. Since a hot color can bring a big difference to your lips, Yves Saint Laurent beauty experts have taken care that in the new season you get the maximum sensual, jaw-dropping lips with the help of their new series of gorgeous lip stains, titled Rouge Pur Couture Vernis ‚Äö√†√∂‚Äö√тĆ L‚Äö√†√∂¬¨√Üvres. Featuring 20 amazing lip hues, the newest Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres collection targets all those voguish fashionisers, who want to add a seductive, glamorous and elegant touch to their pout.

Thanks to the revolutionary formula that delivers high shine and texture of a gloss with the long wear of a stain, the new YSL Rouge Pur Couture 2012 lip stains have a great power in transforming your simple look into a fantastic and sensual one. It will be something inexcusable not to get one of these vivacious lip stains.

Pick your favorites from these charming hues:
‚Äö” No. 1 Violet Edition
‚Äö” No. 2 Brun Glace
‚Äö” No. 3 Brun Cachemire
‚Äö” No. 4 Mauve Pigmente
‚Äö” No. 5 Rouge Vintage
‚Äö” No. 6 Camel Croisiere
‚Äö” No. 7 Corail Aquatique
‚Äö” No. 8 Orange de Chine
‚Äö” No. 9 Rouge Laque
‚Äö” No. 10 Rouge Philtre
‚Äö” No. 11 Rouge Gouache
‚Äö” No. 12 Corail Fauve
‚Äö” No. 13 Rose Tempera (only at Nordstrom)
‚Äö” No. 14 Fuchsia Dore
‚Äö” No. 15 Rose Vinyl
‚Äö” No. 16 Pourpre Preview
‚Äö” No. 17 Encre Rose
‚Äö” No. 18 Rose Pastelle
‚Äö” No. 19 Beige Aquarelle
‚Äö” No. 20 Rouge Enamel (only at Sephora)
The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 2012 lip stain collection is already available for purchase and each lip stain retails for $32.

Photos courtesy of YSL

Written by Armine Karapetyan
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